Minuet (sweet_minuet) wrote in alivenproud,

Gay Poets Society

I just wanted to let everyone in the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered community know about a fabulous new project that I hope everyone will take part in.

A friend of mine, Autumn Rose, wants to start a book of poetry made up of poems done by the people in the G.L.B.T community...about gay issues, life issues, girlfriend/boyfriend issues... life in general about being gay.

Its kinda like a post secret kind of concept and will HOPEFULLY be in full production in about 6 months. She will hopefully sell it to further the insight to the gay community, and possibly even give it to a publisher for actual STORE purchase. (if anyone has any tips for gay-friendly publishing companies, she's also new at that..)

Of course full credit for the works will be given to the author, and if the author chooses, each poem written will of course be followed by the author's name or alias, age (if wished) and location/state/country of the author.

I think its a really great opportunity to get our views out there, and perhaps even just... find someone that can relate to any situation we're all going through.

Vulgarity/ swearing definitely at a minimum, but not completely banned. I myself have a poem that says "ass"...

Other than that- the world is your oyster!

Her e-mail for it is : GayPoetsSociety@yahoo.com.

TELL EVERYONE! Let's get this project rolling!! Thanks guys :-D
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